December 1, 2008

Prime Minister Adolphe Muzito has sent the government’s 2009 budget proposal to the Parliament. The $4.97 billion spending plan was introduced on Friday, November 27, and represents a 61.8% increase compared to the 2008 budget.

The Minister of the Budget, Michel Lokola Elemba, said during a press conference that the proposal takes into account the war effort, the decentralization plan, and the yet to be implemented 40% retrocession of revenues to the provinces.

The proposal includes the spending of 20.3% of the budget on the economy; 4.8% on health, and 9.4% on education.

The current parliamentary session is devoted to the examination of the budget. Members of Parliament will start deliberations on the plan on Monday December 1st, offer amendments, and vote on a final proposal before the end of the current session in 14 days.