July 25, 2013

The M23 rebels are said to have fled from one of their main military base in North Kivu province. The Rumangabo military base was shelled by Congolese army attack helicopters on Wednesday. The airstrikes are said to have inflicted heavy losses to the M23 rebels, who did not expect such an attack.

The loss of Rumangabo, a strategic military camp that the rebels took from the army a year ago, may prove a turning point in the Congolese army’s push to regain more territories occupied by the rebels.

Multiple sources indicate that the rebels fled Rumangabo after the attack and are headed towards Kibumba, another rebel stronghold.

The M23 rebels have incurred heavy losses since fighting resumed this month and are said to be in disarray, while the Congolese army continues a slow advance towards their strongholds.